Are you optimizing your website for emotions? Find out how creating an emotional online experience for customers can boost your bottom line

The Proof Is In: Emotional Online Experience Wins Loyalty and Sales

Your website is often the first contact people have with your business or product – and you have as little as ten seconds to communicate value before visitors move on. It’s normal for people outside your target audience to leave, but a bounce rate that’s too high means it’s time to take a fresh look at what your landing pages convey to potential clients.

Science shows that people don’t make purchasing decisions based on logic alone. They have to really want your product. And in order for them to want it, they need to feel something about it.

In physical stores, savvy managers and store owners commonly use sensory marketing in an attempt to increase sales as they create a pleasant emotional online experience for customers.

Online, the tools are different, but the goal is the same.

Simply put, everything about your website – from the colors to the copy – should work to arouse the emotions of customers. In fact, emotional reactions played a bigger role in customer loyalty than the ease of customer experience in 94% of industries examined by a 2015 Forrester Research report.

Emotional Online Experience: Find Out What Customers Are Feeling

The Proof Is In: Emotional Online Experience Wins Loyalty and SalesCustomer experience is often measured by following the evolution of key performance indicators (KPIs) over time, and traditional analytics tools help by providing metrics like how visitors reached your site, what they did there, and how long they stayed – but they don’t tell you how visitors felt as they interacted with your content.

At Emolytics, we are changing this with fully customizable nonintrusive feedback technology that seamlessly integrates into your site as it captures the emotions of your digital audience – and the reasons behind them. The resultant “Emoscore” generates vital information about emotional online experience that can translate into immediate sales for your business.

FACT: Online Emotions Get Sales

Just ask MailChimp. For years, the company’s tagline had been “We make email marketing powerful, easy, and fun,” but there was nothing particularly fun about the site’s design, which had a standard corporate theme similar to that of competitors.

Not that corporate is bad. The company implemented the corporate theme after being criticized for its original cartoonish “chimp” theme, which some viewed as unprofessional – and the new “serious” theme resulted in a surge of new signups for the business.

But when the company experimented a bit further to improve on its initial design, creating an irresistible new chimp mascot and a genuinely “fun” experience for site visitors through humorous messages and other features, MailChimp’s customer base suddenly increased by 600% in a single year.

Experiment for Best Results

Want the same results for your own business?

The willingness to experiment can lead to surprising discoveries.

The Proof Is In: Emotional Online Experience Wins Loyalty and SalesPerformable (now HubSpot), for example, changed the color of a call-to-action button on its website from green to red, not expecting to see a significant difference in how site visitors interacted with the page. In fact, the change was even a bit counterintuitive since green typically signals “go” while red means “stop.”

Amazingly, however, this simple-to-implement A/B test saw the red button outperform the green one by 21%, perhaps due to other emotions commonly associated with red, such as passion, energy, and excitement.

Neil Patel got even better results, improving the conversion rate of Quick Sprout’s CTA button by 38% when changing the color from blue to yellow. According to Patel, 85% of shoppers say that color is the main reason behind their purchase of a product, and 90% of purchasing decisions are based on visual factors.

As you can see, A/B testing is an easy and effective means of experimenting with color, design, and other elements of your digital offerings.

Optimize your Online Business for a better Emotional Online Experience

Implement these tips for immediate results:

  • Hire professionals. Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have the time to learn the intricacies of color theory or write endless reams of copy. These tasks are best left to experts who understand your company’s vision. But don’t hire just anyone. Spend time cultivating a team that recognizes the importance of emotions to online sales. Then use the Emolytics dashboard to share results throughout your organization. This intuitive and easy-to-use tool can help inspire and motivate team members as they see for themselves the impact emotions are having on customers.
  • Incorporate emotions wherever possible. Work with your team to examine every facet of your website for emotional appeal. When writing product descriptions, for example, emphasize customer experience over product features, showing your audience how their lives will improve by using your product or service. A valuable component of the Emolytics survey module is that it tracks which emotions have been recorded on each page of your site, allowing you to correct any bugs and make real-time improvements to the content based on visitor feedback.
  • Don’t forget email. With email the preferred channel for customer service in many organizations, it is vital to notice the emotional clues customers transmit via the written word. Emolytics integrates here, too, evaluating the content of emails for emotions. Researchers at AT&T Labs suggest that customer turnover may be reduced when emotionally charged “complaint” emails are handled by specialized representatives.
  • Don’t leave things to chance. Emolytics web analysis tools quickly discern which elements of your digital behavior are turning customers away and which ones are creating emotions that result in sales. Our scientifically designed feedback technology boasts a high response rate and works to assess the emotional state of customers across all digital platforms. Experimentation is great, but why leave the success of your business to chance when access to real-time actionable data proven to get results is just a click away?

Ready to get started with Emotional Online Experience? Request a free consultation with one of our digital experts. Or just try our customer feedback tool for free!

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