Do you need a KPI that provides a comprehensive customer overview? The Emoscore does this – and more.

Emoscore – the One-Stop KPI

Emotion is core to user experience (UX) – it drives human behavior and customer satisfaction.
 Learning how to read the emotions of your customers can boost their engagement and result in better business performance.

Customer Satisfaction measurement is not enough to measure emotions. As shown in the chart below representing emotions across valence (positivity of an emotion) and arousal (its intensity), satisfaction only represents a small fraction of the emotions a person can actually feel. Therefore, it makes sense to focus our attention on emotions rather than satisfaction to cover a wider range of feelings and behaviors.

Tapping into these pleasant and positive emotions is the key to business success.

The reports outlines how important a great customer experience is for maintaining a healthy, profitable brand. Customers are more likely to trust and recommend a business when they interact in person, on-line or via an app. The issue is not only to maximize satisfaction but also to improve loyalty and advocacy. It means that how you engage with your customers and how you deal with the whole spectrum of their emotions really matters.

But how do you know if a customer likes your products? Or if they’ll come back? How do you find out they hate a product before they tweet to complain to the world about it? In a previous article, we highlighted the power of tracking customer satisfaction. One of the ten top points was to Never underestimate the impact of emotion on the customer’s journey. Indeed, more than 85% of customers increase their spend after a positive experience, whereas more than 70% cut their spend if they’re not satisfied.

However it’s impossible to answer these questions if you haven’t got a strategy to pinpoint the emotions of your customers. It’s what makes Amazon, Apple and Google a success, and it’s where a UX KPI like the Emoscore comes into its own.

Using Emoscore To Measure Emotion

Emoscore - EmolyticsThe ‘Emoscore’ is a customer centric KPI developed by Emolytics to measure the emotional value or benefit of products and services. It size the emotional impact of the content on your audience on different marketing channel : your website, emails or newsletters. It gauges customer feedback and improve how you interact with your customers.

Emoscore is being adopted by companies that understand the importance of emotion. The Belgian National Lottery, for example, is using Emoscore as a fully fledged KPI to better understand its customers.

Emoscore provides more information than traditional KPIs. Basic visitor numbers, for example, can be filtered to provide data on the emotions felt by different genders, age groups or people in different geographical locations, providing new perspectives.

The calculation is multidimensional and take into consideration arousal and valence of an experience (as displayed in the chart above). Emoscore is designed to be positively correlated with conversion rates, word of mouth, loyalty, purchase intention and more. While the formula itself is based on a mathematical and statistical metric approved by the Scientific Committee at Belgian university UCL, the outcome itself is quite simple. Every platform measured is given an Emoscore on a defined scale. The results are translated into a simple figure from 0 to 100 that provides a solid numerical value measuring your success.

Emolytics Matrix

But Emoscore is much more than just a rating. Ratings can not always be universally communicated on a scale of 1 to 10, which is where emotions come in. Scaling has something cultural. In Germany, rating goes from 1 to 6 while in France it is from 0 to 20. 8 out of 10 does not have the same meaning from one place to another. The Emoscore rating is similar to methods used by other KPIs such as CES, NPS, CSAT and so on. People understand emotions more easily because they relate to empathy, and it’s these emotions that Emoscore seeks to capture.

The benefits of Emoscore

You can track performance against benchmarks and see how your strategies are working over time. This leads to a better resource use and a better return on investment across the business. On the heating chart above, we quickly observe that people who come to find the product are annoyed while other seem happy. This analysis has a major importance for businesses. This analysis could not have been done with any other classical analytics tool.

Emoscore is designed to become an integral part of your dashboard, and integrates like a heatmap into crosstabs, making it easy to manage. It provides a solid understanding of your customer base in one sophisticated, targeted package.

How to Implement Emoscore

Despite its sophistication, implementing Emoscore is very simple – it takes just minutes to register on Emolytics. Once your registration is approved, you simply add some lines of code to your website. This code is provided and comes supported by on-line guidance and tutorials.

The code can be adapted for languages (available in 33 languages) and platforms. You can use it on your website, and in emails or newsletters for different markets, providing the tools you need to achieve specific objectives. In addition to measuring emotions, Emolytics’ set of questions allows a company to ask 4 more essential questions in order to have a better understaning of customers and discover, for example, reasons and profile hidden behind positive and negative emotions through filters and automated tables. As the golden circle demonstrates it, this emphasizes that the « what » behind a question is useless whithout the « WHY ».


3 Quick Wins to Turn Emoscore into a Growth Hack

  1. It’s customer centric. Emoscore puts the customer at heart of your business so you can maximize positivity and business results. In this way, it helps you to get to know your customers – use different socio-demographic profiles to find out if customer behavior varies according to age, background or location.
  2. It saves time. In-depth reports and summaries are easy to digest, plus pre-formatted data can be exported and shared. Get the information you need to aid faster decision making.
  3. It helps you make money. There’s also an immediate impact on the success of business: by optimizing the Emoscore, you optimize various important business metrics as conversion rate, time spent on media site, bounce rate, return on your investments, etc. Already, companies using Emoscore have moved quickly to make decisions worth hundreds of thousands euro – The survey campaign they ran in order to confirm their future strategic plans was not in step with the audience demand and feelings which allowed them to adapt their strategy.

Getting Started with Emoscore

With its scientific approach and rigorous methodology, Emolytics offers a unique KPI for user-centric marketing. It demonstrates the emotional impact of corporate operations and marketing activities, providing a one-stop tool for identifying problems and inspiring change.

The Emoscore works across all stages of the customer journey, and for businesses large and small. Unlocking the emotions of your customers using a proven UX tool like the Emoscore is the key to building a stronger user base for your business.

Want to know what your Emoscore is? You can try it out for free. Or contact us for a free consultation.

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