Job title : Web Analytics Consultant

Current company : Medialan Consulting sprl

Twitter handle : N.A.

Website : http://www.digdata.be

Briefly introduce yourself. Tell us what is that you do as a professional.

Hello, my name is Mehdi Laanait.

I’m a web analytics consultant.

How important are human emotions in your day-to-day job?

It could be part of the analysis of big bunch of data.

If relevant, how do you measure the human emotions? Which tools are you using to do so?

None for the moment.

Can you share with us a recent example of the success or failure of using emotions to improve a situation?

No since I am starting to learn to integrate emotions into data.

How do you think GetSmily could help you?

GetSmily’s Emolytics and the Emoscore it delivers, will hopefully provide new insights that will be added to the other collected data.

As an expert in your area, how do you see the future of your business?

The way I see the world evolve is to more and more “data driven” companies.


The Expert’s Eye interviews is a series of blog post around user experience design, customer research, consumer insights and everything that is related to the interaction between consumers and brands with a specific angle : we try to identify what emotions really mean for the business of the web and marketing professionals.

David is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing professional with 17+ years’ experience. He owns an Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management. He also gives lectures in Belgian business schools.

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