Emotions are really contagious. With GetSmily, you could easily make the internet a better place and your customer happier people. Learn how:

A Mirror in your Brain

I am sure many of you have been fooled by the “yawning trick”: someone in front of you yawned, and for no valid reason, you yawned in response!

The cause of this common experience is found in your brain and has a major impact on your life: the mirror neurons. When you see somebody doing something, these neurons mirror this same action in your own brain. For instance, if you see someone crying your brain will simulate this action, helping you to understand what the other guy is doing. The side effect is that you’re now feeling sad for this crying person. Some emotional people would even begin to cry, like when you watch a really sad movie (you know what I mean 😉 ).

The same thing happens with this laughing baby (video): he has already made smile and laugh millions of people, all thanks to mirror neurons. This is how you experience empathy, how you share emotions: seeing emotions just triggers emotions deep inside you.

Your Contagious Happiness

Happiness is clearly contagious: studies have even shown that you have more chances to be happy if your friends are happy. Unfortunately, the converse is true: live with depressed people and you will soon be feeling bad. Making the world a better place everyday is therefore pretty simple: smile and be happy, and propagate your happiness.

But what about your business ? With GetSmily, you can measure your customers emotions and learn if your work has a positive impact on them. And you should indeed care about their happiness: it costs you up to 7 times more to acquire new customers than to keep them satisfied.

Give GetSmily a free try and measure how your business emotionally impacts people. We give you the tool to make your clients happier, and it’s there to help you build a better internet!

Now, let’s get smily:

David is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing professional with 17+ years’ experience. He owns an Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management. He also gives lectures in Belgian business schools.

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