Today we stumbled upon this great chart:

Global Execs: Senior Management Wants More Use of Analytics

Global Execs: Senior Management Wants More Use of Analytics

We are very happy to read this since we are placing a bet with GetSmily into the world of simplified analytics.

We feel that senior management wants to better understand and know about their customers and that they wish their team would go further in using those great analytics tools available out there.

About 6 in 10 professionals from around the world agree that there is pressure from senior management for their organization to become more data-driven and analytical, per survey results from the MIT Sloan Management Review, in collaboration with the SAS Institute.

However, the teams are not always in sync with the boss for obvious reasons : it is not always easy to become an analytically minded person.

But what may happen – at least in the near-term – is a widening of the gap between the analytically sophisticated and the analytically challenged.

At GetSmily, we will do everything we can to simplify the analytics in order to deliver insights and value also to those who are not analytically minded.

David is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing professional with 17+ years’ experience. He owns an Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management. He also gives lectures in Belgian business schools.

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