How did people feel in May 2014 ?

May has delivered its Emoscore (positivity index extracted from the Emolytics) results and they are quite interesting.

The audience segment with the highest Emoscore towards all audited content across the GetSmily Network was : Women 40-49 y.o. with an Emoscore of 73.7 %. Compared to the highest score of previous month it is lower by 10%.

The lowest emotionally satisfied segment this month is: Women 60+ y.o. with an Emoscore of 57.5%.

It seems also that women remain more positive than men. The women Emoscore is at 70.6% (but losing a few points vs. last month) on average where the one of men is at 68.3% (also slightly decreasing).

The only segment where men surpass women is the 60+ y.o. one with 65%.

GetSmily Heat Map May 2014

A few other charts are rather interesting to look at.

The total number of votes provided by people getting in contact with our Emolytics Start widget during the month of April is : 8122

The gender split of the sample is as follows :

GetSmily Gender Split May 2014 - Emoscore May

The age range distribution is as follows:

GetSmily Age Range May 2014

Finally, the types of devices used to participate in the feedback survey are distributed as follows:

Device Use GetSmily - Emoscore May


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