Emoscore August

How did people feel in August 2014 (Emoscore results) ?

August has delivered its Emoscore (positivity index extracted from the Emolytics) results and they show interesting trends.

The audience segment with the highest Emoscore across GetSmily Network was this month Women 13-20 y.o. with an Emoscore of 80.8 % closely followed by Women 20-29 y.o with 77%. Young audiences are generally experiencing more positive emotions compared to older audiences.

The lowest emotionally satisfied segment is shifting to : Men 50-59 y.o. with an Emoscore of 65.1%.

It seems also that women remain more positive than men; the gap between both segments is fairly high this month. The women Emoscore is at 75.4% on average where the one of men is at 69.7% .

The global Emoscore of all websites measured by the Emolytics  seems to stabilise around the 70% so far.


A few other charts are rather interesting to look at.

The gender split of the sample is as follows :


The age range distribution is as follows:


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