Raphael Thys

Job title : User Experience Designer

Current company : VOO

Twitter handle : @rthys

Website : http://about.me/raphaelthys


Briefly introduce yourself. Tell us what is that you do as a professional.

My name is Raphael Thys.

I am a User Experience Consultant mainly active in the telecom industry and on corporate accounts.

Added to Ux expertise a few drops of : Product strategy, Social media and Service design
I add to my expertise a few drops of : Product strategy, Social media and Service design

How important are human emotions in your day-to-day job?


95 % of what happens when a person is using an interface happens unconsciously. This means that to be able to get in, you need to remove frictions, to map the conceptual model and to make the use of your interface emotionally engaging (design for delight).

If relevant, how do you measure the human emotions? Which tools are you using to do so?

Almost never.

In the eventuality it is done, I do it by using some (far too rare) eye tracking tests, and user research (User testing with pre and post interviews, surveys).

The belgian market still has cold feet on user research.

This is really surprising as almost every time I saw a customer of mine assisting to some user research sessions he was totally blasted by the quality of the output generated.

Can you share with us a recent case study, an example of the success or failure of using emotions to improve a given situation?

Unfortunately no, I’m mostly work under Non disclosure Agreements.

How do you think GetSmily could help you?

To me the user experience designer is always on a quest : mapping the user’s model to the task you want him to achieve.

User’s emotions is a clear indicator of the friction you meet and then the gap you have between your design and user’s personal model.

As an expert in your area, how do you see the future of your business?

The future is bright!

People slowly mature and start understanding the value (ROI) of experience and service design. Eventhough Belgium is sooooo slow.

So many best practices (research, lean Ux, design thinking companies…) are still avoided by many entreprises.


revised version: 20/02/2014

The Expert’s Eye interviews is a series of blog post around user experience design, customer research, consumer insights and everything that is related to the interaction between consumers and brands with a specific angle : we try to identify what emotions really mean for the business of the web and marketing professionals.

David is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing professional with 17+ years’ experience. He owns an Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management. He also gives lectures in Belgian business schools.

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