Thank you to all Emolytics Users !

Emolytics Users

We are live with our Emolytics suite since a few weeks now.

Since our soft launch, we have gathered great insights and feedback from our users. We simply wanted to thank them for all the great help they provide to us by using our Emolytics solution. You can have a look at them on our References Page or through our Facebook Page (in the photo albums). Some great names trust us already : Sherpa.be, Foto.com, BetaCowork, BMMA, etc.

Since we launched we have been able to collect 17,800+ votes from surfers and we are collecting  315 votes on average per day (continuously increasing). It is only a beginning.

In the coming week (schedule for May) we will be launching some great new features (a great ask from our users : knowing why people feel the way they feel) and we will also announce a great partnership regarding our Emolytics Pro product.

Stay tuned !

We hope we can contribute to make the web a better place and to bring more smiles across the web.

David is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing professional with 17+ years’ experience. He owns an Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management. He also gives lectures in Belgian business schools.

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