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Our emotional state today is : EXCITED.

What’s yours?

We are announcing major updates to our Emolytics Start product.

We have been working hard on your feature requests and here is the list of new things:

Multiple language support: we provide the widget in 7 languages now (English, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese)

Widget position: you can now decide where the widget should appear at the bottom of the screen (right or left)

Widget colours: you might want to customise the widget to match your own color palette
Time before appearance: you can now control the delay before you make the widget appear to your audience (the default was 30 seconds).

Frequency of appearance: you can now ask the widget to appear every session or once every 10 user session if you like (the default was once every 3 sessions)

We hope these enhancements will make your Emoscore easier to capture and follow in your Emolytics account: http://getsmily.com/login (click on “customise the widget” to change your settings).

Should you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to engage the conversation with us via email – hello(at)getsmily.com -, twitter or facebook.


David is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing professional with 17+ years’ experience. He owns an Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management. He also gives lectures in Belgian business schools.

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